We provide selling space in our store for your consignable maternity and nursing clothing. All items must be washed prior to bringing them to the store, and in excellent used condition. 


The Modern Family Boutique decides the price of the merchandise and we price all inventory based on condition, brand, style and demand. 


You will receive 50% of the selling price.  You can use your account credit in-store or request a payout at any time. Please allow 5 business days to process a payout request.

We do not make payouts on items sold within the past 30 days and we do not make payouts for items sold 365 days or more from the date of the payout request.


All inventory is tagged, logged to your account and sales are tracked in our system.  

Items deemed not sellable will be donated immediately, unless you specify at the time of each drop off that you will be back within 5 days to pick up your returns.  We reserve the right to not accept any consignment for reasons not previously mentioned.


Items that do not sell within a calendar year will be donated.  

Drop offs are accepted the first week of every month. Please note we only accept seasonally appropriate clothing items.